Apple Service Center

We welcome you to visit our Apple service center in Moscow! Do you trouble? Broke favorite iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook or iMac? Do not be upset! Our skilled professionals are always happy to help and repair, adjust or maintain any of your equipment manufactured by Apple! Only here you can get a full range of services, from diagnostic and operational advice on working with technology Apple to repair different levels of complexity with maximum efficiency.  When a breakdown occurs, the owner of the device is often trying to solve the problem himself. In the case of Apple's products it is impossible to do this in any case! In order to make even the simplest repair of iPhone, MacBook or iPad, you must trade certified diagnostic equipment, and most importantly, the corresponding specialization of the master and, of course, his experience. Not having the above listed, chances are only aggravate the situation, until the utter uselessness of the device for repairing.


Why do customers prefer to contact our service” Fix the Apples”? It is easy! We offer each customer :

  • High Quality service;
  • We control the entire process and are responsible for the qualitative performance of any work , whether diagnostic or complex motherboard repair ;
  • Application only original parts , which makes it possible to be confident as a result of any repairs ;
  • Extremely tight deadlines work.  90% of the work is performed in the presence of the customer, and a large range of accessories let you avoid waiting for desired delivery details.


All our staff are professionals whose experience in the service center has more than 7 years. Center employees were certified in Apple, undergo regular training and upgrade their skills. We offer attractive prices and flexible discount system. We value our reputation and always try to help our customers. Sometimes our engineers are doing impossible things and return to life the device which other service centers refused to repair. Trusting us with your MacBook, iPhone or iPad, you get the best possible service, organized according to Apple's standards and a guarantee on all work performed. Service "Fix the Apples" provides diverse services to owners of "apple" technology. Often bringing in repair MacBook, the user does not even suspect that the reason for malfunction is in the software, not the "hardware". We should say that if your iPhone doesn’t turn on, you can be sure that our professionals, according to their lights, will try to back up the information from your device. Also we are trying to save all the data before starting repairing iPad or other devices for which the backup is provided by the manufacturer .Our service" Fix the apples" is always glad to welcome new customers . We do our best to our mutual cooperation has only positive emotions.

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